Master Composers: Torcuato Mariano provides calm music for all who wish to listen

The middle 1990’s brought a great legion of musicians who took Brazilian jazz to newer heights.  One of those artists is Torcauto Mariano.

He spent his childhood years in Buenos Aires and later moved to Brazil as a teenager.  Mariano not only listened to the music of his own land, but he also gravitated towards American artists like rocker Santana and the timeless Stevie Wonder.  He toured with the legendary Sergio Mendes (his work will cover several blogs that I plan to cover down the line), Gal Costa and Ivan Lins doing guitar work.  By the early 1990’s, he decided to pursue a solo career by signing with the new age label Windham Hill (one of the key movements in bringing smooth jazz to American stations by the late 1980’s, where it was mostly an era of jazz music without vocals).
The two most popular albums he released are essentials for any jazz lover’s library:
Paradise Station (which really does exist as a commuter train stop in Brazil) and features the cool vocals of one Ana Leuzinger with “I Can’t Help It”.  The following year, he released Last Look and the timeless, beautiful guitar sounds on “Ocean Way” and “Rio Stomp”.


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