Rising Stars: Bianca Rossini Provides Very Soulful Songs

She may call Beverly Hills, California her home but she has not strayed very far from her Brazilian roots.

Her Internationally acclaimed Bossa Nova debut album is number one on Pandora Bossa Nova Channels, “Kiss of Brasil” has been featured in over 80  jazz stations in the US and more than 15 stations in Europe. “Kiss of Brasil” also has been featured as Album of the week, in major radio stations in the US and Europe.
“It’s extraordinary, that not only is ‘Kiss of Brasil’ Bianca’s debut album, but she is singing in Portuguese and making a huge impact in the predominantly English-speaking U.S. market – generally unheard of for a foreign language album,” said Jason Gorov, President of Gorov Music Marketing (who has overseen the works of popular artists such as Sade, Dave Koz, Beyonce). The popularity of Bianca’s “Kiss of Brasil” is not surprising since Bianca’s vocals and melodies are highly addictive and she takes listeners on such a beautiful journey.

Bianca Rossini is not only an excellent songwriter and singer, but she also has written three books and her work has been featured on some popular American TV shows.

I recently got the chance to do an email interview with Bianca, and although she barely has time to enjoy any hobbies outside of her singing career–she did share with me some very interesting things about her album and what her new album will look like come early 2013:

1. What was the earliest age you recall playing an instrument?
“4 years old playing piano.”

2. Who were your earliest and current jazz influences?
“(My) earliest music influences were Dorival Caymmi, Vinicius de Moraes, Maysa and Louis Armstrong, Burt Bacharach, Hal David.
current … Etta James, Amy Winehouse, film composer Gabriel Yared.”

3. Which of the songs on your debut album did you enjoy singing the best, and is there any message conveyed in your songs that your fans want to know?
“I enjoy all of them, after all I wrote them!! In my first album “Kiss of Brasil” I celebrated my love for Brasil, (e)specially my birth city (of) Rio de Janeiro, the lighting, the beaches, the intimacy that it inspires and that is loved by so many world wide. “Meu Amor” features “Faxineira” which is a baiao style song that I wrote celebrating the Brazilian Faxineira (Cleaning woman). In “Kiss of Brasil” I worked with several songwriting partners, and with”Meu Amor” I partnered only with Dana Kaproff.

4. Any plans to tour outside of South America in your future?
“It would be fantastic!”

5. Your favorite Christmas memory, whether it be receiving a favorite present–being around family, friends, etc.?
“Last year I spent Christmas with my brother and his family in Rio and I loved it.”

6. What can fans expect from your second album compared to the first?
“If you loved “Kiss of Brasil” you are going to love “Meu Amor.”

Speaking of which, Bianca was so kind to let me share in what will hopefully be the first of many videos to be mentioned in displaying work of certain artists which specialize in Brazilian jazz.

Here she is in singing “My Love”, or “Meu Amor”:

7. Is there some centralized theme or message you wish to convey in this upcoming album?
“Sit back or Dance and enjoy the music!”


Image courtesy of prweb.com

Thanks to Bianca for doing a great job in describing what makes her music so special, and who in my mind is definitely a true rising star in the making.


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