Artists Worth Checking Out: Franco Sattamini provides some cool holiday cheer

Multi-time composer and artist, Franco Sattamini has been featured on Brazil’s 3rd most popular TV work Globo TV and is also an award winner for Best Youth TV show in the United Kingdom for Double Trouble Unlimited.

But his January 30, 2011 release under the True Azul Music album features 12 timeless holiday favorites done in the great Brazilian flair.


The liner notes really explain in his own unique style similar to what Linus talked about in that first Peanuts cartoon special so many years ago:

“There seems to have been such an exquisite convergence of love and generosity from all involved…I can’t thank all of you enough!”

He continued on to say, “…I hope that we reach out for those less fortunate and share:  One’s crumb might mean a hungry child’s feast.  Whatever your religion may be, any or none, I send you my love.  Peace, Franco.”

All of the songs are very good, so it was very difficult to narrow it down to two or three carols.  He does a really cool trio set with Torcuato Mariano and Mariana de Moraes on the timeless classic tune, “Winter Wonderland”.

But next week’s entry just in time for last minute holiday shopping should help–I will provide a two-fer of Lori Mechem’s holiday favorites destined to become new holiday classics in the similar vein that Amy Grant and Mariah Carey have been for the better part of 20 years.

And yes, one of the albums does include a very touching tribute to the late Vince Guaraldi Trio and Charles Schulz of Peanuts fame.  See you then.

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