Artists Worth Checking Out: Les Hommes Is An Excellent Spring Break Soundtrack


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When it comes to non-rock Spring Break albums, Les Hommes is definitely on the top of anyone’s Brazilian jazz list.  I first heard about this artist in the summer of 2011, and featuring the lucid tones of Monica Vasconceles on the opening track “Touched By The Hand of Tenorio” and the title track by Beat Girl on both Tracks 2 and 5 definitely makes me stop what I am doing, grab my baseball cap and soak up some cool rays with a tall glass of ice cold lemonade by my side.

After a brief bit of casual laughing that starts Track 2, there is that proper beat of organs, drums, vibraphones, moogs, and congas that is just right for walking through the airport or train station at your arrived destination.  Better yet, this might be a super soundtrack to listen on your mobile device from the time your suitcase gets stuffed either in the rental car trunk or piled onto the back seat (preferably with no leftover popcorn kernels or candy shells scattered about, just fyi) en route to your favorite beach and hotel.

The pace slows slightly on Track 3, “Girl on A Mission” while the following track, “Easy Boy” has a steady rhythm with a lot of echo type sounds.  The album concludes with “Les Hommes From Outer Space”.  That title to me sounds just as quirky a beat as the title mentions, but this type of lounge music is great to listen to anytime.

Unfortunately, my online searches came up empty regarding a brief bio (largely not to confuse it with the English men’s fashion designer of the same name) on this fine 2000 release by Schema Records of Milan, Italy.

Next week, I will feature one more Spring Break themed entry featuring a slightly more relaxed beat from a 2002 album published in France.  There will be songs from the likes of Tom & Julie, Barbara Mendes, Muro, and Tokyo Black Star, just to name a few from this rather eclectic compilation.

P.S. Congratulations to Fabiana Passoni on surviving her latest surgery.  I am so thrilled and happy to see you both healthy and safe!  I will get to her third album review hopefully sometime in March.

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