Artists Worth Checking Out: Closing Out Spring Break With A Compilation from France


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Rounding out the Spring Break themed selections are a few mellow yet rather eclectic mixes of Brazilian jazz with a French connection.

This 2002 album from Yellow Proudctions leads off with Barbara Mendes and Francois K doing an “Awakening”–a rather lengthy tune in terms of overall track time.   After that comes several slower ballads before what I feel is the really awesome track featuring om and Julie, aka Thomas Naiim and Julie Dexter doing “Like Ours” (Track 6)–a steady diet of savvy lyrics and synthesizing beats throughout.  A few more slower paced songs lead into a Tokyo for Yellow “Montage” production on Track 9 done by Nocturne OP 7.  And please don’t ask about how the group managed to get its’ name, because of its’ interesting naming code to begin with.  Simple song titles called “Sun Tiger” by Neon Heights and “Oka Uja” by Tokyo Black Star round out this album.

So there you have it–a pair of awesome Spring Break selections anytime you feel like dipping more than your toes in the sand or just relaxing on the beach enjoying a tropical drink of your choice.  Bottom line, this CD is sometimes scarce–so if you are fortunate enough to get your hands on a copy, you are certainly doing great things for yourself as well as your friends.

Come next month, I hope that you have your dancing shoes ready.  I am going to feature one of the all-time greatest bossa nova groups, with quite a huge following on both ends of the Equator as this group later this decade will be celebrating their 50th anniversary–just in time for Rio’s moment in welcoming the world for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

And yes, there will be a few cool YouTube clips–as long as the trusty old analog TV compilations get close enough to late 1980’s quality, I will showcase some cool songs to accentuate each of the featured albums throughout the month.

This promises to be fun, so I hope to see you then.

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