Welcome to Março Loucura, or my Brazilian Jazz version of the Madness in March

This is truly one of my favorite times of the year.

Next to seeing the bright colors of the newly fallen autumn leaves each autumn season, seeing the draw on an early Sunday evening on the CBS Television Network has been a tradition, a pastime going back to when I was young in 1985.

Sure, the NCAA Tournament has expanded and been criticized in the S-Curve way of seeding the schools and the fact that no two schools from the same conference cannot meet until at least the Regional Final round, aka the “Elite 8” (a practice partially changed by the NCAA prior to the 2014 NCAA Tournament, but that topic would be later covered in my other blog later that November–if you are curious to look for it.)

Personally, I don’t know if futbol/soccer’s World Cup will be as exciting as the next two plus weeks will be.  Brackets are being filled out in the hopes that someone will correctly pick all 63 teams.

Mirroring the exact field of Midwest-West-South-East, I have come up with my fun version of the brackets–in simple text form.

Proudly presenting first, the Antonio Carlos Jobim Region.

The overall number one seed because she earned it the old-fashioned way:

1 Fabiana Passoni

16 Zuco 103

8 Marcela Mangabeira

9 Lisa Maroni

5 Dori Caymmi

12 Walter Wanderley

4 Liz Rosa

13 Lonnie Liston Smith

6 Monica da Silva

11 John Legend

3 Wanda Sa

14 Pete Escovedo

7 Marcos Valle

10 Caetano Veloso

2 Frank Sinatra

15 Barrio Jazz Gang

Next up, on the lower left side of your brackets is the Sergio Mendes Region

1 Bianca Rossini

16 Joao Donato

8 Flora Purim

9 Gal Costa

5 Milton Nascimento

12 Vanessa Da Mata

4 Nico Gomez

13 Bungalove

6 Minas

11 Marcio Montarrayos

3 Marina Elali

14 Ze Bruno

2 Bebel Gilberto

15 Os Cariocas

Next up is the Joao Giberto Region:

1 Marisa Monte

16 Carol Saboya

8 Michael Franks

9 Full Circle

5 Maria Bethania

12 Trio Da Paz

4 Djavan

13 Juarez Moreira

6 Oscar Castro Neves

11 Barbara Mendes

3 Basia

14 Neon Heights

7 Karen Souza

10 Brandy Volant

2 Torcuato Mariano

15 Maia Sharp

Finally, in the lower right corner of the brackets is the Astrud Giberto Region

1 Patricia Talem

16 Roberto Menescal

8 Tom & Julie

9 Luciana Souza

5 Deodato

12 Gabriela Anders

4 Lani Hall

13 Machan

6 Gilberto Gil

11 Marilyn Scott

3 Ivete Sangalo

14 Nestor Torres

2 Diana Krall

15 Les Hommes

Terra Sul and Tokyo Black Star had their bubbles burst.  So sorry.

When you follow along on the actual brackets, it will parallel exactly from the brackets above.

And if I used my actual NCAA picks, I have Fabiana Passoni, Bianca Rossini, Patricia Talem, and Torcuato Mariano emerging in the last group of four.

We will see if I am right.  For those of you living in the United States, enjoy the games!

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