Artists Worth Checking Out: Gilberto Gil has made quite an impression

For over four decades, Gilberto Gil has been quite a voice for Brazilian jazz.

As one of the really great voices and guitar players, he has become a major sensation the world over–touring throughout North America, Europe, and even Japan.

Two of his albums immediately come to my mind:


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He brings Milton Nascimento as a guest on the opening track, then comes a mix of slow and fast-tempo songs.  However, the fourth track is the highlight, “Danca de Shiva”:

The rest of this 1997 album features a pair of dancing songs on Track 5 and 6, along with a song that on Track 15, “O Lugar do Nosso Amor,” about how the emptiness is felt by someone after the end of a love affair.


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This 1991 gem of an album, simply known in the States as Parabolic, features a good mix of slow and moderately fast tempo songs.  My favorite song is on Track 3 called “Nago Buddha” (or Buda Nago).  The rest of the album features plenty of different harmonies and rhythmic beats on Track 7, “Snow in Bahia” and on Track 9, “The End of History.”

But Track 10 sets this album apart in my mind.  Here is “De onde vem o Baiao”, or “Where the Baiao Comes From” also featuring Daniela Mercury dancing the night away:

Really nice albums to kick back to after a rough day at the office, or just wanting to take a breather from tending to another day of mowing your lawn.

Stay tuned next week for another cool, but brief review on another artist–that is, unless Patricia Talem releases her fourth album.  See you then.



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