Artists Worth Checking Out: Lonnie Liston Smith offers a 2-fer for true fans


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My blog for the week highlights a special combination of soul, funky grooves, and smooth jazz straight from the 1970’s.

Lonnie Liston Smith got his start with John Coltrane until his untimely death in 1967, then spent the next few years teaming up with Miles Davis on a pair of ensemble albums (“On The Corner” and “Big Fun”).

A couple of modest selling albums soon followed, but it was in the year 1975 with “Expansions” that made him a true household name.  On the double CD’s second track on Disk 1 is the classic, “Quiet Moments.”  Other key 1978 songs include “Night Flower”, “Sunburst”, and “Springtime Magic”.

By the time the 1980’s began, Smith was at it again with the “Song for the Children” album (disk 2).  Featuring many profound songs about peace, love, and harmony–most notably “Midsummer Magic” and “A Gift of Love”, this compilation CD is definitely worth adding to your jazz collection.

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