Artists Worth Checking Out: Bebel Gilberto’s “All In One” effort features mostly slow, but steady beats


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In 2009, Bebel Gilberto did her first album without cardboard inside the CD.  Yes, it is a real jewel case inside–and the music inside is simply incredible.

Track 1 features a slow set of acoustic guitar riffs in “Cancao de Amor”.  The beats pick up on the next track, “Sun is Shining” (notice the summery themes I have been trying to mention here?).  However, that all pales in comparison to hearing her very fiery version of “Bim Bom” on Track 3–which is a simply spectacular listen.  However, I will have to admit at first–it almost felt like a version of Les Hommes and Minas mashing up their music together.  But Bebel made this song a hit–a true gem in my book.

The rest of the album features a small handful of English lyrics on Track 5, a up-tempo version of Stevie Wonder’s “The Real Thing” (nice song as if you were texting or talking to a long lost friend on the telephone) as well as the slow tempo on Track 7, “Far From The Sea.”

Other tracks worth a mention include of course, the title track on Track 8 followed by the Thomas Bartlett led composing on Track 10, “Segredo (or Secret)”.  Nice mix of violin, cellos, and acoustic guitars here.

For those reading this article in Brazil, this would be a nice album to have on your portable CD players while the construction of the Metro 4 rail line slowly plods along connecting the five major points of Rio leading up to the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

For those in the United States, it is a time to reflect and remember those brave people who gave their lives in combat.  Memorial Day is a very somber day, yes–but it should not be confused with Veteran’s Day, which is celebrated every November 11 honoring veterans of all wars, past and present–even those who did return home.  The old adage often says, “Lest We Not Forget.”

When I come back and refreshed after the long three day weekend while enjoying one of America’s greatest sports traditions, “The Greatest Spectacle In Racing” of the Indianapolis 500 followed later on Sunday night with NASCAR’s longest race, the Coca-Cola 600 in Charlotte, North Carolina–I will look forward to diving into Marina Elali’s first work.

I will give you one clue on what you can expect on the back cover of her self-titled CD, a woman relaxing on her favorite easy chair without a care in the world.

May all of you have a safe and mostly relaxing holiday weekend.


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