Artists Worth Checking Out: Marina Elali’s debut album offers up some soulful rhythms


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Marina Elali’s first effort offers many rhythmic ballads like “So Por Voce” (or “Love By Grace”) on Track 2 and “Vem Dancar” (“Crush on You”).  The Clifton Davis rendition of “Meninos do Brasil” on Track 6 (or “Don’t Go Messing With My Head”) is a definite listen, along with her cool Celine Dion rendition of “The Power of Love” on Track 8 (titled, “O Amor e o Poder”).  She sings the last two verses in English, along with the last song “One Last Cry.”

This set of verses features these very powerful words, especially for those people either struggling or simply lost in terms of finding true love:

“I know I’ve gotta be strong

‘Cause ’round me life goes on

And on and on and on.”

She continues to tour, and when I managed to translate the liner notes from Portuguese to English, she first thanked her family and especially her brother.


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She concluded by thanking, “…all the professionals who have worked with dedication, thank you for the confidence, the patience, respect and for giving me the freedom…”

To my fans, who through loving gestures encourage me and give me strength to follow straight on to the friends and all the people that force (nothing but good things) for me, my many thanks.”


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Next month, I will take a break from profiling a single artist each week and I will devote a month to other compilation albums with specific mention on some really cool tracks that will help the Northern Hemisphere cool off during the warm and muggy summer months to come.

Expect album title reviews from Bossacucanova to an album straight out of Rome in Cafe Roma, and maybe stick my feet into some Red, Hot, and Rio if there is some extra time to add a little extra green and gold virtual magic to either your desktop or smartphone (oh, don’t worry–some of those songs are easy to understand).

I hope to also provide a few cool YouTube clips so you can get your dancing shoes and just like Marina Elali herself is posing in the above picture, I hope this is a good time to dance to the right beat–especially if you are near any beach or body of water.

Hope to see you then.

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