Artists Worth Checking Out: Cafe Roma 2 brings extra funky melodies from Italy


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In 2004, Water Music Records brought together a very neat mixture of what they called, “…a fusion of traditional Jazz sounds, elements of the Brazilian Bossa Nova/Samba (genres), spicy Italian rhythms and a touch of Ennio Morricone.”

This two CD set features some moving tracks and really cool grooves.  Likewise, when I talk about Volumes 3 and 4–they will all follow similar rhythms and melodies.

The best way, IMHO about covering these types of compilation albums is that I will highlight no more than three individual tracks on each disk.

So for Cafe Roma, Vol. 2, here are my favorite songs:

Disk One, or what they call uno:

1. Nicola Conte with Aldemaro Romero, “Tema de la Onda”

5. De Spira, “Good Bye” (the song that often plays in my head whenever I encounter a slightly dull situation)

6. Latin Vibe, “From Paris to Rio”, a really cool blend of instruments can be found in this neat medley.

10. Time Passing, “It’s A New Day”

Disk Two, or what they call due:

3. Pauline London, “Fly In The Sky” (Main Mix)

5. also from this same artist, enjoy this clip of, “Love Can Sing”:

11. Barrio Jazz Gang, “Spectrum”.

Later this week separately, I will do both Volumes 3 and 4.

Hope this blog does more than scratch the surface on Italian fusion and their contributions to the Brazilian jazz movement.




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