Happy Brazilian Valentine’s Day!

SPECIAL NOTE:  I have a surprise waiting my fellow blog readers on this very special day in the land of samba and sun.

Once you get through reading this flashback of a blog, you can enjoy the surprise!

It is only fitting that in another installment of Artists Worth Checking Out that the spotlight shines on one of my all-time favorite artists, and a very easy person to chat with online.

Making her debut in my Brazilian jazz blog, please say hello to multiple recording artist and wonderful talent, Patricia Talem:


Image courtesy of sitesnobrasil.com

Patricia Talem calls Sao Paolo, Brazil her home.  She has produced three albums, and is due soon for a fourth release–the title I have been patiently waiting all spring to hear.

Inbetween her second album, “Olhos” (meaning “Home”) and “Sorte” (meaning “Lucky”), she took time out from her hectic schedule in December of 2010 for my first blog interview with a jazz artist.  Here are some key excerpts taken from another blog.  Enjoy:

One random summer day in 2009 after spending a sweltering day mowing my lawn, I sat down by my computer and listen to the weekly “Songs of Brazil” (podcast) show on the Connect Brazil website hosted by Scott Adams.  During one week that June, I heard an artist that really resonated well with me.  She has a persona and a voice that is simply breathtaking.

Even better, this artist even prints English translations of all of her songs–right in the CD booklet.  Now, if that doesn’t make you look up the name Patricia Talem and her self-titled debut and add her as a friend on the many various social networking sites, I don’t know what will.

During the middle of December 2010, I had the chance to ask some cool questions about this budding artist from Brazil and her (third) album.  I also wanted to find out why she decided to become a singer, along with what were her favorite inspirations growing up, and how she relishes the chance to enjoy touring in the United States.

Let me start off with a very obvious question–What factors made you decide to become a singer? 

I started singing before even talking, like two years old.  It has always been my greatest pleasure.  Each album carries a story.  In my case, always related to my current feeling.  I think that my musical choices will depend on my personal choices, always–and never a trend outside.”
Image courtesy of transanet.com.br
Who have been your favorite inspirations in the jazz world–both from your native country of Brazil and other places around the world?

Tom Jobim, Joao Gilberto, Toninho Horta, Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Weather Report, Yellowjackets, and many others.”

If you had to pick one person or group to tour with, who would it be and why?  And for curiosity purposes, where would this dream concert take place?

The perfect dream: Patricia Talem and Chet Baker – My favorite singer – on the beach of Ubatuba – São Paulo / BR. I grew up singing (on) this beach.”

And yes, this questionnaire could not end without asking her about one of my favorite passions.
Image courtesy of vistolive.xpg.uol.com.br
Patricia, a little birdie told me that whenever you visit the United States, you have a craving for cheesecake.  I wish to know–how did it all start for you, and what are your favorite flavors of cheesecake?

“Yesss, I loooove this dessert!  My favorite is the Oreo Cheesecake, from The Cheesecake Factory.  But I like much of a taste that blends lemon … I love this fruit, especially in the summer (here in) Brazil.”

I have heard so many great things about your (third) album.  Please tell me more about it and what things you hope to accomplish in comparison to your 2009 debut album.  Just fyi–my favorite song is Lua Brilhante, right up there with Ze Feliz as my top individual song choice.

Image courtesy of blog.opovo.com.br
The second album was recorded with (an) acoustic bass sound that I love.  I already knew the work of Christian McBride.  The first time I saw him live was with Cedar Walton, in New York.  I was impressed with the bass sound.  For me it was an accomplishment to have him on this album.
I was also delighted to have Russell Ferrante again on this project.  He was responsible for all arrangements and piano, of course. The repertoire, as I said, depicts the very moment of my current life.  I also had the privilege of sharing the vocals with Flávio Venturini, a great reference for me, and Jane Monheit, who is a wonderful singer and has a beautiful Portuguese accent.”
Image courtesy of entretenimento.r7.com

Being that this blog (was originally) posted just in time for that joyous time of year called Christmas, I wish to ask you–

What is Christmastime like in your country of Brazil?  Do you have any special traditions that you do with your family or special things that you do every year since you were a little girl that you care to share?  My holiday tradition always has been watching the timeless Peanuts cartoon, 
A Charlie Brown Christmas every year since I was young.

I love Christmas. I always try to spend (the holidays) with my family.  After 2004, when my grandmother died, Christmas was a bit nostalgic, but I like this air of nostalgia, memory, and sometimes sadness.  These are feelings that grow the soul. 
When I was a child, (I once) saw the sky (glow) red during sunset, and thought it was the smoke from Santa’s sleigh.  I love Christmas songs ever(y time I hear them on the radio or online), and the vibe of hope that invades homes and towns (everywhere).”
Fast forward nearly three years later, and her fourth album will be out any day now.  So, brush up on your lemony sweet cheesecake recipes and let us all toast Patricia and all of her success to date:
Image courtesy of elizabethdiariodamusica.blogspot.com
Please look in this space in the coming weeks for another cool interview with the always talented, and very sweet Patricia Talem.
Now, for the special surprise:
I wish to give also a special shout-out and Happy Brazilian Valentine’s Day to someone who had a huge concert at Seal Beach’s Sphagettini Grill and Jazz Club on Wednesday night.  And yes, a little over 24 hours after that concert, she was kind enough to share with me this video clip.
Here is the always sweet and very kind Fabiana Passoni with this awesome duet of songs, which includes the Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66 classic at the end of this set.  Enjoy!
And like she said, there will be a short break before my next set of blogs.   Judging by the reaction from the crowd and how much fun she enjoyed while being up on stage, it appeared to me that she had a really fun time.  Hope we get to see more clips down the line.
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