Artists Worth Checking Out: Final pair of Cafe Roma albums provide extra spice

In 2007, Cafe Roma 3 came out with such an awesome mix of tempos, lyrics, and cool beats–this is the best album of the four.

Since this blog is a dual blog, the entry below will focus a bit on the final entry when Cafe Roma 4 offered more of a late-night, curl up your feet on your favorite couch before tucking yourself off to bed type of compilation.

The first three tracks are amazing, especially this number by The Slenders (and the album cover is provided as an extra bonus)

Other exquisite songs can be found on Track 6, with Phonorama’s “Lemon L” having received constant airplay on the web since its’ debut in CD form, Liliana Gimenez and this snappy tune on Track 8, “Bossa De Botinho” (or simply “Hump”):

Track 11 closes out the first disk with “Bungalove” by Dreaming Olinda.

Disk Two offers a starker contrast.

When you hear the rhythms on Track 1, “Brass” done by the main group, Track 2 with Lisa Maroni’s savvy version of “Samba de Bamba”, and especially Track 6 done by Vibraphile Brass titled “Martini Cocktail and Bossa Flavour”–it will simply take your breath away.


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The final compilation from Water Music Records is great music to chill to on any late night.

It starts out on a rather frenetic pace with Mondo Candido’s “Volta”, then slows down to the very mellow sounds of RPM Syndicate and “Records from the Attic.”

Tracks 4 highlights the first CD as vocalist Giovanni Guerretti does a nice version of “Argomenti” with the group 12 Finegrs (and yes, that is the correct spelling):

and this number by Nu Brazz on Track 9, here is “Donna”:

Disk Two has a few medium tempo songs by Lisa Maroni and Gabrielle Chiararo lending vocals on Tracks 4, 8 and 12 led by three different groups.

Each of the three Cafe Roma albums are available online for CD purchase or on download.

Next week, with the arrival of summer in the United States, it will seem appropriate to highlight a few cool songs from the Red Hot and Rio series.  One song in particular was done by the boyfriend of one famous Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

I will leave at that for you blog fans to guess who that artist is.  See you then.

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