Rising Stars: Even in the harshest of Brazilian winters, Sabrina Malheiros provides a pair of true summer delights


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Sabrina Malheiros may only be in her late twenties, but she has packed a lot of musical experiences in such a short time.  After hearing about her for the first time in late July 2011, she definitely deserves a cool blog to help people savor summer just a little bit longer.

Born in Rio, where her father Alex was lead bassist for Azymuth and her grandfather played with Sergio Mendes, she caught the muscial genes as a young girl.  Six years after enrolling in Rio’s premier music school, she sang the key vocals on Azymuth’s 1991 title track, “Curumim” (a rare CD, but I plan on profiling some of Azymuth’s earlier works in a future blog).

Her nu-bossa sound combines house beats with plenty of nice sambas mixed in.  That was the focus of her earlier works, 2005’s Equilibrium along with Vibrasons that came out the following year.

The albums that I chose to focus are on her latest works, produced by her husband Daniel Maurick.  New Morning initially was released on the Far Out Recordings label in 2008, and the Deluxe Edition came out the following year.  In it, Sabrina talked glowingly about one of my all-time favorite songs when I think of summer, “Brisa Mar” (after multiple attempts to reach Sabrina by email, she never replied back to my questionnaire, so the liner notes will do):

“For ‘Brisa Mar’, I wrote the music and my dad (did) the lyrics…I couldn’t find the right inspiration for the lyrics to the music…it is one of my favorite tracks.  He was moved by the boat Brisa Mar, which crosses the bay of Guanabara between Rio and Niteroi and created the story of someone who spent all their time at sea without being in a rush to go home.”

She also gained instant inspiration from her two nieces on Track 7, the instrumental number “Sintonia.”  Another set of songs Sabrina recalls, “In ‘Nova Estacao” (Track 4), I talk of the arrival of spring, when life blossoms again.  “Essa Cancao” was a surprise…I dreamt this track and woke up (one day) at four in the morning with a simple song in my head and I only had the work of transferring it to the guitar and prepare the lyrics with my dad.”

As one might guess, her husband was the driving force behind the title track as Sabrina concluded in the 2009 liner notes, “‘New Morning’ is the fusion that exists between Daniel and myself…This song defines our how creative process works.”  The melody with an alto sax combining with bass and piano really make this song come alive in lyrics originally penned by Nicola Conte.


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In 2011, Sabrina returned with a focus on playing instruments.  My favorite songs from the Dreaming album include Track 4, “Candeia”, Track 6 “Opara”, and Track 10, “Can’t Hide Love.”  Her voice is so calm and definitely puts more than your mind at ease.

For this and many other reasons, I hope this true rising star and hometown woman gets the opportunity to perform at the 2014 FIFA World Cup and in the Opening Ceremony for the 2016 Summer Olympics.  Sabrina is truly one amazing talent–and definitely has earned her place on my All-Star team any day.

Besides, her last two albums are definite must-have’s to add to your collection.  There are not that many raw talented artists that catch the music bug at a young age–Fabiana Passoni and Bianca Rossini immediately come to my mind.

But Sabrina has it, she gets it.  That is why she is so good at what she does.

While the small southern town of Curitiba digs out of their first major snowstorm since 1973, I wish to take you back to the time since we are nearing the first anniversary of the closing to the 2012 London Olympics.

In particular, I think of one striking image that immediately comes to mind:


Image courtesy of larepublica.pe

That was the dramatic entrance given by multiple Latin Grammy Award winning artist Marisa Monte.  Her career has gone through many different twists and turns.  Throughout the month of August, I plan to highlight five of her very popular albums–including her recent work (which translated simply means, “What You Really Want To Know.”)

All I know is that this blue and white dress when she sang the one classical piece to an international TV audience…


Image courtesy of umanota.ca

…is back in Rio as part of a traveling museum exhibit as the Olympic Games draw ever so closer with each passing week.  Eventually, this dress will reside permanently at the International Olympic Committee Museum located at their headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Look for my first entry for the month of August, as I cover a two-fer next week of her earliest works.  See you then.


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