Artists Worth Checking Out: Marisa Monte had some nice beginning albums


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When the evening of August 12, 2012 had the world’s cameras focus on Marisa Monte, she sang a classical Brazilian piece Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5, representing Brazilian folklore’s deity called Yemanja.  Later on, she performed alongside BNegao and Seu Jorge, the Gilberto Gil 1969 classic samba, “Aquele Abraco” (or simply translated as “That embrace”).

Quite a break for this mostly pop and folk rock singer, who also likes to play with the guitar on occasion.  With only three years and counting until the Opening Ceremonies to the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, I thought this was an appropriate time to cover one of Brazil’s most popular artists known the world over.

Marisa de Azevedo Monte was born July 1, 1967 and has enjoyed quite a career on the MPB music scene after initial exploring pop rock during most of her teenage years. 

Throughout most of this month, I will highlight at least one album from her storied career and give some general opinions on which song(s) are worth adding to your music library.


In 1989, she did a live album “MM” featuring several universally known hits.  Track 2, “Bem Que Se Quis” (‘E Po’ Che Fa’) along with (I Heard It Through The) Grapevine on Track 10 are definite listens.  This album began her long association with EMI.

After receiving rather modest success with her sophomore effort Mais (1991), the Rose and Charcoal album sold over 1 million copies.  This 1994 effort features the hit songs, “Maria de Verdade” (or “I am the one, Mary” teaming up with percussionist Carlinhos Brown on the first track), “Pale Blue Eyes” (with Lou Reed on Track 5), and “De Mais Ningeum” (or “If I No Longer Have My Love”) on Track 7 with Arnaldo Antunes).

Produced by Arto Lindsay, she also teamed up with Nando Reis on acoustic guitar, Arthur Maia on bass, and Marcos Suzano on percussion.  You can find a copy under the Metro Blue label.

Next week, I will make a very brief mention about what “The Great Noise” was really all about and go right to her 2000 effort which initially got me interested in hearing her music in the first place–Memories, Chronicles and Declarations of Love as I plan to highlight a small handful of songs from that 2000 album.

In the meantime, please continue to enjoy summer–at least for those in the Northern Hemisphere where things could change within the span of a few days time.


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