By 2000 and into 2006, Marisa Monte branched out with more soulful albums


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For this week, percussion, violins, trumpets, and cellos dominate the 2000 and 2006 efforts.  The 2000 album showcased a few memorable songs right off the bat, from “Amor, I Love You” to “Nao va Embora” (or translated to “Not Go Away”).  Plenty of neat B&W images sprinkled throughout the liner notes, but the key behind the scenes information and recording data from 1999 was printed in English.

After her album where artwork depicted the one private female body part that is prominently showcased in the first set of lyrics to the Brazilian National Anthem (A Great Noise), some pretty artwork adorned the 2006 Blue Note effort.  My favorite tracks to listen to there include Track 3, “Meu Canario” and Track 11, “Satisfeito”.

There is a good mix of both slow and faster paced songs throughout both albums.

Next week, I will highlight of one Marisa’s very popular albums–all with just a plain and simple black background.  Enjoy your weekend.

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