Simple cover, simple premise–that is what Infinito Particular is all about


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The first seconds you hear the title song, you are instantly transformed into a magical place.  Especially with lyrics translated in the first verse:

“I‘m not here I‘m from Mars
Come on, man, I fix

So do not miss to go up
In particular emu infinity”

Very quirky, don’t you think?

By combining plenty of string instruments and even the simple effect of wind itself on “Private Infinite”, this and the rest of the album is a pleasant listen.

The pace slows down considerably, especially on Tracks 7, “O Rio” (or “The River”) and 9, “Quem Foi” (or simply, “Who Was It?”).  Luckily, the last five pages have translated lyrics.

Track 2 is also a must listen, when translated it becomes the simplistic “Village”…where the refrain repeats, “Come walk and fly…come walk and fly”.

There you have it–my Johnathan Livingston Seagull reference for the year.

Next week, we will explore Marisa Monte’s recent work which garnered a lot of press months before it was released to the public.  See you then.

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