Marisa Monte’s 2011 album gets introspective


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The album which has garnered a lot of media attention on both ends of the Equator takes on a flavor and fervor all its’ own.

The first song confirms it with, “O Que Voce Quer Saber de Verda de” (or “What You Really Want To Know.”)  A very simple song, but creative song that only lasts a little over 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

Other memorable songs in Marisa’s latest work include Track 3, “Depois” (or “After”), a few slower ballads precede Track 6, “Nada Tudo” (or “Nothing (at) All”)–perhaps a small nod towards 1980’s rockers Heart and their cool song of the same title, who knows?

Many string instruments dominate on Tracks 7 and 8, and then we get this gem on Track 9, “Ainda Bem” (or “Still Well”).  With lyrics in the second verse, when translated convey this powerful message:

My heart

Was already used

With loneliness

Three even slower ballads round out the album with the final track being titled, “Bem Aqui” (or being, “Right Here.”)

And yet, that is the perfect song to close out the month long tribute to one of Brazil’s longest standing divas.

The other point with that song is that while most people hit the road and the young 18 to 22 or 23 year old individuals head off to college again or for the first time being away from home, you can count on me being right here online–ready to post another cool blog every week.

Next week will be very short and sweet.  How short, you may ask?
Three tracks to decipher, that’s all–but it is in my mind appropriate for another edition of my “One for the Road” series.

Truth is, it may take a while for the Tamba Trio to achieve even a true glimmer of fame compared to what Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66 managed to accomplish with their impact on the music scene in so many facets during an uncertain time facing the United States and the world over.

At least, this EP should suffice for the long Labor Day holiday weekend coming up.

Hope to see you then.

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