Artists Worth Checking Out: Basia Provides True Ray of Sunshine

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For several years, Basia has been a constant mainstay on smooth jazz radio.  Whether heard terresterially or online, she has made a treasure trove of memorable songs similar to that of Sade, Diana Krall, and Bebel Gilberto.

Born as Basia Trzetrzelewska in Poland on September 30, 1954, she has also called Chicago and London home.  But it was not until 1983 when Basia started to make her mark.  By the late 1980’s, several popular club songs skyrocketed her to the Top 30 of the Billboard Hot 100.

Lead by the song “Cruising for Bruising” (Track 2 on the 1998 Greatest Hits CD), it became a real true jazz classic, along with “Half A Minute”, “Clear Horizon” (the title track to that aforementioned album), and a song normally heard when spring begins to break out in the United States, the “Waters of March.”  Another great toe-tapping song, albeit not as fast a pace as the others–in “New Day For You.”

However, one song really in my mind captured her true triple octave range and really set her apart in the smooth jazz genre, both in Brazil and the United States.

What a great song to get up from your desk, stop what you are doing, and have a simple jump-around.


Sorry about the last three minutes doing the silent treatment, probably the original uploader was doing other things like I do sometimes just to get my mind off the computer for a short time.

IMHO–“Miles Away” on the Time and Tide album is a definite gem, if you can find it.

Luckily for me, I was able to hear the song periodically on the former WNUA 95.5 FM in Chicago during random weekdays in the middle to late 1990’s.  A true keeper in my book on any day of the week–sunny or rainy, wind, or snow…this song always carries the same rhythms.

Thankfully, her 30 year career is still going strong.  After doing a huge U.S. tour in Spring of 2010, she teamed up with former New York Yankees center fielder Bernie Williams and also did her own version of Vanessa Williams’ jazz hit, “Save The Best For Last.”

Even better for loyal fans–Sony came out with a Very Best of compilation album around the same time I originally posted this blog.  The cover art from that CD is what I have pictured above.

All of her greatest hits are there, but if you ever get your hands on her take on the sensational remix of Sade’s “Smooth Operator”, please let me know.

Next week, I hope to feature a rising star on the Brazilian jazz scene.  If I do not receive her online questionnaire by then, I hope to profile another cool jazz artist.

And Happy Brazilian/Brasilian Independence Day come this Saturday.

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