Artists Worth Checking Out: Zizi Possi Explores Many Different Avenues in her Bossa album


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Born on March 28, 1956 as a daughter to Italian immigrants, Maria Izildinha and also has a daughter, Luiza (born June 26, 1984) who is making her own waves on the Brazilian pop rock music scene.

Zizi’s career has crossed paths with Chico Baroque in 1978, Gilberto Gil and Herbert Vianna during the 1980’s.

The album I chose to focus on is her 2001 effort, and her 17th album before diving into all English music.  Bossa features many light and pleasant sounding rhythms.  Fans of the Beatles and Sergio Mendes should instantly recognize Track 2 “Yesterday” and Track 10, “So Many Stars”.  Other hit songs include Track 5 with the faster paced “Capim” and Track 7 the romantic ballad of, “Yo Tengo un Pecade Nuavo.”

She can be also seen on three concert DVD’s:  Per Amore (1998, originally released on VHS), Pra Inglês Ver… e Ouvir (2005), and Cantas & Contos (2010).

Some of her works are a bit hard to find, but the album I highlighted is available online.

Next week (unless I hear a reply back from the artist I emailed during the Labor Day holiday weekend), I plan to highlight an artist from the Land of the Rising Sun, Machan–who has carved quite a bubbly personality and nice brand of easy-listening sounds.

As the sudden rush of autumn has hit the northern part of the United States with a dose of upcoming reality that beach season is ending for yet another year–it is time to find that favorite sweater to keep you warm at night and just the right type of jacket to brave those slightly chiller winds during the day.

Hope to see you next week.  And hearty congratulations are in order for the United States soccer team (that’s futbol to the rest of the globe) in qualifying for the 2014 FIFA World Cup–their seventh consecutive appearance.

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