Artists Worth Checking Out: Self-titled album by Machan carves some sweet melodies


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Her mother was a jazz vocalist in Japan who met Machan’s father when he booked her trio, which also featured pianist Toshiko Akioshi, into a post WWII officers club in Yokohama.  Raised in the US, by the age of twelve Machan had taught herself to play the guitar.  Considering Joni Mitchell and James Taylor her early influences, she began to supporting herself financially as a performer by the tender age of 16.

She would attend William Patterson College and study jazz theory and vocal performance.  Shortly thereafter, Machan would find the opportunity to share the stage with artists ranging from Pink Floyd to George Benson to Sting.  The lessons she learned from her experiences in the world of pop superstardom resonate for her now that she’s committing to her solo career.

The 2004 release by A440 Records showcases Machan leading off with the sweet “Brazilian Heart” track.  The rest of the tracks play well to her individuality as a singer, ranging from “You’re My Joy” (Track 4) to the classic tune, “Never My Love” (Track 6), and “So Little Time” (Track 11).

This album can be easily found online, and is a definite keeper to any Brazilian jazz fan’s library.

Inside there are seven cool images of Machan smiling and posing on a comfortable white chair, as she played around while the camera was still on.

Even better, if you can find her second album, Motion of Love–she brings out way more range and getting the chance to expand her musical horizons.

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