New Gravatar (sort of) for autumn season


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This was the image I was hoping to replace in my header, but it appeared so blurry I decided to make this waterfall shot a small blog post of my own.

The Gravatar not only shows some foliage, but also it appears some of the trees are pink.

Reason being is three-fold:

1. The always kind and very sweet Fabiana Passoni calls Pocos de Caldas, a town known for dry winters, mild summers, and thermal baths her hometown.  It is located 243 km (or about 151 miles) north of the hometown of Patricia Talem in Sao Paolo.  Recently on Fabiana’s Facebook page, she has been so generous with her time in helping that region’s less fortunate–donating bedding and pillows to those looking for a more comfortable place to sleep, and that is really great to see.

I have a special message for her below if and when she manages to read this in the land of sun and sambas.

Second, with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and with Fabiana being a breast cancer survivor herself–I thought I would do my simple part so when you see a new post and see those pink leaves, please think of her and others that are trying their best to survive and thrive in this never-ending battle against this debilitating disease that claims hundreds of women every year.

Third, also according to that same Wikipedia article, this area calls Mount Vernon in upstate New York as one of its’ Sister Cities.  How cool is that!

Anyways, I hope Fabiana is doing well and:


Eu espero que você está tendo um tempo de diversão

(I hope you are having a fun time)


Coisas tão alegres estão indo tão bem em sua cidade natal. Pensando em você sempre aqui com o blog.

(So glad things are going so well in your hometown.  Thinking of you always here with the blog.)

Faltando o cachos (Missing you bunches).

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