Artists Worth Checking Out: Bob Baldwin’s album title can evoke many meanings of the word “Chill”


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There are lots of cool piano arrangements and electric keys from this R&B artist.

Bob Baldwin was born in New York City and dabbled for several years programming and doing some news reporting for stations in Mt. Kisco, New York and Jacksonville, Florida during a majority of the 1980’s.

He helped produce a pair of CD’s in the early 1990’s (Rejoice and Reflections of Love), which did pretty well in the contemporary jazz genre.  His first solo album had probably the most clever title following the rise of the dot-com boom when ABC aired over 35 Internet based ads during their coverage of Super Bowl XXXIV.  He plugged people into his website, bobbaldwin dot com.

The album that I am profiling here includes a rather neat and simple effort, which peaked at #13 on the Brazil Jazz chart when it was first released in 2004.

With this album entirely recorded in Ipanema and Rio, Baldwin really comes through on Track 5, hence the reason to purchase this album.  The song title is appropriately called, “Everybody’s Beautiful (In Brazil).”  Featuring Marcos Ariel in what he termed as a Funky Brazil flute solo, Ivan Conte on drums, and the vocals done so brilliantly by little known artist Zoiea Ohizep (try saying that name fast 15 or 20 times, hehehehehe).

The title track can be found right after that brilliant number.  Other songs worth a listen include the “Manhattan Samba” featuring lots of bongos percussion and tons of congas plus plenty of percussion on Track 3, and “Last Call (For Love)” on Track 7.  Tracks 7 along with 4 and 12 (“I Wanna Be Where You Are” was co-produced by Baldwin with Dennis Johnson (not related to the late former point guard of the 1984 and 1986 NBA Champion Boston Celtics team) under the City Sketches, Inc. label.

You cannot go wrong with this A440 Music Group entry.  Even a nice smiling portrait image of Bob himself against the picturesque mountains and the miles and miles of water concludes with the simple Web reminder that his website at the time featured, “over 250,000 hits annually.”

Paraphrasing a bit from my Environmental Science teacher during my junior year in high school, when he used to write periodically on the blackboard,

If and only if…I had a means that would help me get more hits without dealing with excessive spam or things unrelated to jazz in general, or Brazilian jazz of any kind in particular, that would make me feel really good inside.

But interpret the word Chill as you wish–whether it is kicking off your shoes (or heels in the case of the ladies reading) or sipping down a fruity, cold drink after a rough week at the office.  The only reason it came up in my mind for this week’s entry was the simple fact that a majority of the United States began to feel the true autumnal chill in a big way.  This is where it was time to file away the shorts and the sunscreen, and it was time to begin wearing very heavy jackets and warm gloves outside along with comfortable sweaters inside.

And yet there are still some baseball purists who argue playing the World Series around the week of Halloween is too chilly for even the heartiest of souls.  I have only one question for those longing for the days when it was decided before Columbus Day and the first pitch was often shortly after 1 p.m. local time–Where is the hot chocolate?

At least, I do have some good news–I did receive a reply from one of the artists that I am hoping to profile for a future blog.  I sent them my questionnaire and hopefully soon, you will get to see in this blog space another neat article and maybe a YouTube clip of a song or two that I really enjoy listening to from time to time.

Enjoy your weekend and the accompanying fall foliage.  At least, it is a decent start outside my neck of the woods according to some of the pics:Image


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