Artists Worth Checking Out: Stacey Kent Provides Great Sounds In Another One For the Road Series


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Stacey Kent was born in America, but she calls Great Britain her home.

Educated in her native New Jersey during the middle 1980’s at Newark Academy, she earned her college diploma at Sarah Lawrence College in New York before moving across the pond to eventually meet and marry tenor sax man Jim Tomlinson.

Stacey already had a handful of compilations, plus nine regular albums already under her wing when my album selection for this week was released in 2007.  The title is not a misprint, since it earned Platinum status in France during that fall.  One award-winning novelist’s lyrics can be heard on this selection can be found on the very first track, titled “Ice Hotel”.  Booker Prize (fyi, a literary around revolving around works published in the United Kingdom, but will expand during the 2014 selections and beyond to anyone living in the world, as long as it is published in the UK only).  Kazuo Ishiguro was 53 when he penned the lyrics and Tomlinson did the key musical arrangements which won the prestigious First Prize at the International Songwriting Competition back in April 2008.

Another cool song definitely worth passing the time while traveling is the sappy love number, “I Wish I Could Go Travelling Again” on Track 4.  The Sergio Mendes staple is on Track 5 with “So Many Stars”, and the title track is on Track 7.  The album closes out beautifully with an effervescent version of Louis Armstrong’s pure jazz classic tune, “What A Wonderful World.”

Pair this with the 2010 French speaking selection of Raconte-Moi (also can be found on the BMI/Blue Note label), and you have yourself some soothing and very calm music to make the miles/kilometers go by just a little bit faster.

Next month, I plan to devote many of the weeks leading up to the Thanksgiving Day holiday weekend in the United States on some more classic artists with ties to Brazilian jazz.

I plan to not only cover the husband/wife team from Philadelphia which has had a loyal following for over 30 years and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, plus I plan to cover some highlights of the Stan Getz-Astrud Gilberto album and some vintage hits from Dick Farney.

In the days leading up to the Turkey Day holiday, expect another selection in my Movie Break series.  Unlike my first selection during the summer which was entirely filmed in Rio, this one was an American release in 1998 by Miramax Films and features an entirely Brazilian jazz soundtrack.

In the meantime, please enjoy your Truque ou guloseimas (or trick or treats).

* And yes, for you very special blog readers–I will have a very cool treat to help you survive yet another ghoulish trip down Belfry Lane and giving hot chocolate to those slightly undeserving ghosts, ghouls, and hot goblins that usually lurk or go ‘bump’ in the night.

Or, they could be all like Linus with his security blanket and wait for hours on end for the Great Pumpkin to surprise him, and all it is in the end is the Red Baron, the famous World War I Flying Ace.

Bottom line–this virtual “treat” promises to bridge the gap between the last out of baseball’s World Series and the time the traditional bunting comes off from each of the 30 Major League stadiums when the familiar adage of, “Hope Springs Eternal” can only mean one thing besides the smells of corned beef and cabbage.

More on that when the calendar switches over to November.  Take care.

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