Artists Worth Checking Out: Astrud Gilberto teaming up with Walter Wanderley, what a cool delight


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What a really cool album!  The title tracks are divided into 2 songs (1:30 and a little over 3 minutes, respectively).

When this album was released in 1966, the liner notes contained by Chuck Briefer explained the simpleness of what the songs would bring.  Quote:  “It is as it sounds–cool, elusive, never passionate or aggressive…You think you’re listening with half an ear, and you’re already pinned to the wall.  It’s a tease, in a way, and it keeps you coming back for more.”

Blending in some very sensual rythms by Jose Marino on bass, Claudio Slon on drums, and percussion done beautifully by Bobby Rosengarden–there are some really fun songs after the slow opening ballads.

Track 3 features music normally heard outside the streets of Rio with “Nega” (or “Denies”), the classic “Summer Samba” on Track 4 (the old time tonewheel version of the Hammond B-3 organ definitely came into play) and here is the song that launched Astrud with Stan Getz (a future blog subject) into worldwide stardom, here is “The Girl From Ipanema”:

, and this spicy gem from Track 8–“Here’s That Rainy Day”:

“Tu Meu Delirio” (or translated to “You My Delirium”) and “It’s A Lovely Day Today” round out the album.  For those in the know, Walter Wanderley (1932-1986) worked on a few other albums prior to teaming up with Astrud.  The results proved it–Billboard listed the album in their Top 20 rankings during the summer of 1966.

Overall, it is a very good album and is very easy to find online under the Verve record label.

As I play a bit of catch up thanks to the annual rite of autumn passage with raking lots of leaves to help prevent my huge lawn from suffering potentially bigger problems come spring–I hope to profile another classic artist when bossa nova was coming into its’ own.

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