Artists Worth Checking Out: Laura Fygi leads very groovy vocals

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Welcome to my first blog covering the most soothing music this side of the Equator.  I thought it would be cool for the first entry of 2014 to feature an artist who did a soulful rendition of the world famous song from the musical Kismet.

However, she had more cool songs than just the last track on this 1994 Verve Jazz label.

Born on August 27, 1955 in Amsterdam, Laura was huge in Japan dressing up in provocative lingerie as part of the wild Dutch all-girl group Centerfold during the years 1984 to 1991.  A meeting with Jean “Toots” Theilemans set the jazz circles in motion, so-to speak and she was on her way.

This was the third wide release out of 13 (with two separate releases in 1998 for Japan called, “Dream Your Dream” and her self-titled “Tunes of Passion”, which Wikipedia briefly explained under this 1999 entry as a, “special release for Jaguar Nederland”).

Leading off “The Lady Wants To Know” is the Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66 gem, “Quiet Nights and Quiet Stars” and the ballad that was perfect timing after the record arctic chill that affected most of the eastern and south United States from January 6 to 8, “It Might As Well Be Spring”.  Michael Franks (profiled in an earlier blog) did a nice duet on Track 3, “Tell Me All About It”.

The next nine tracks are very slow paced songs from “You Do Something to Me” (Track 4), “Oh Telephone” (Track 11), and “Sabor A Mi” (or “A Trace of Me”), a song made famous by Luis Miguel.  But it was the last track that is probably her biggest hit, “Baubles, Bangles, and Beads.”  Teaming up with the London Symphony Orchestra and in particular, the talents of Leonardo Amuedo lending nice guitar rhythms, Ruud Jacobs on bass, Marcel Serierse on drums, Jurre Haanstra on percussion, and Peter Schon with the synthesizer, this is a nice album to curl up your feet after a rough week or simply put on that extra warm blanket.

Even reading very clever thank you note penned to Herman Van der Zwan was warmly heartfelt.  You will have to pick up a copy for yourself to see what I mean.

Next week, I will profile a Buenos Aires artist who not only shares the same age as Yours Truly Online–but has true family musical genes with her grandfather being a classical violinist, her grandmother being a piano teacher, and having a jazz saxophonist and arranger for a father.

Hopefully, the weather will finally not be as crazy outside as it appears Seattle and Foxboro, Massachusetts will be feeling the rainy wrath during the second round of the NFL playoffs.

Hope to see you then.  Please continue to stay warm, especially to those of you who rely solely on electric heat for warmth–try your best to be careful.


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