Artists Worth Checking Out: Grazyna Auguscik and Paulinho Garcia are quite a duo

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The Chicago based duo has quite a pair, and this album is indeed a treat for the ears and for the soul.

Paulinho Garcia has called “The Windy City” home since 1979 and was a founding member of the groundbreaking Made in Brazil band.  He also took time to lend his voice to teaching at both Roosevelt University and the Old Town School.  Meanwhile, Grazyna has lived in Chicago since 1994 and has a busy plate.  She often tours in the U.S.A. and Europe with her own band, while performing in a more avant-garde jazz style.  In 2006, Auguscik was a guest vocalist and assistant producer on Patricia Barber’s well-received Mythologies album.

The very first track on this 2007 GMA Records release conveys some deep emotions.  Translated into the word, “Roaming”…that is what most people usually try to do when either a) stuck in a rut, b) doing things in a different way, but are not proving to be effective–been there, done that several times to even count on two hands), or c) just trying to let go of things from the past and moving on to a new chapter in life.

This week, I felt all three emotions and boy, was I ever glad to get through it without suffering much in terms of heartbreak or disappointment.

Other songs that could definitely melt the snow, especially Grazyna’s soothing melodies on track 4, “Consolacao”.  Howard Levy lends some touch on the harmonica on Tracks 5 and 12.  And a saxophone provided by Janusz Muniak (try saying that name fast 20,000 times) adds an extra flair on Astrud Gilberto’s timeless classic, “Summer Samba”/”So Nice”).

Even the different shades of orange and green with the one stripe of yellow on the cardboard album cover adds a nice touch.  The album is very easy to find online, if you can find the right places to get it.  And similar to Minas, both of their voices are a definite treat to savor.  Several websites gives plenty of news about their performances past and future.

Next week (as long as my residence still has power, knock on wood with all of the snow one day/frostbite the next night routine getting too old already), I plan to review an effort from 2005 that took place a few countries away in Europe with Italy that his real name is Tomaz di Cunto, but his stage name is only four letters long.

Please continue to stay warm, especially to those areas in the Deep South.  Kindly send us your cold back to those in the Midwest, we really need to feel like normal again!


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