Two-fer for Valentine’s Day, but Deodato could not keep CTI label alive

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You know the classic saying, “Every rose has its’ thorn.”

The liner notes from Didier C. Deutsch explained very well about the emphasis shifting to “group playing, and less on orchestrations” would be the record label’s ultimate demise.  Less than two years later, CTI went bankrupt.

The full CTI story can be found inside the back cover on the album pictured above.

As for the songs themselves, plenty of electric bass and acoustic guitars abound in the “Skyscrapers” album.  On songs ranging from some riffs as if CBS was airing Match Game on the title track, then it follows with plenty of neat trumpets on Marcos Valle’s “Flap.”  Other hits to take a listen on from time to time are Track 5 with “The First Stone” and “The Byrd” on Track 7.

With “Deodato 2”, plenty of classic hits got a keyboard makeover:

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United Airlines fans might notice how different George Gershwin’s classic tune of “Rhapsody in Blue” gets (a full 8 minutes and 46 seconds, if you can stand it).  Also getting a funkier tone was “Knights in White Satin”–very slow, methodical pace in the first two minutes like in the original.  Then, it goes very, very fast–a perfect song while tapping those Apps on your smartphone looking for the latest weather forecasts, traffic conditions, etc.

The album wraps ups with a trio of “new digital mixes” of the “Latin Flute”, “Venus”, and “Do It Again.”  Recorded in April 1973 at the Van Gelder Studios, it definitely lacked in terms of focus and overall star quality.  As Deodato himself said in the reissued liner notes on the “Skyscrapers” album:

“This tune recently (as of July 2002) became a hit in the dancefloor-jazz scene…”

Maybe in some circles, but compared to the megahit for the movie 2001:  A Space Odyssey, these two albums did not hit the mark in terms of overall performance and drive.  Not to sound totally harsh, but the rhythms sound more like you watching an old Public Access Cable channel for hours on end waiting for the “Battle of the Bands” or your local college’s Intramural basketball or volleyball match to air.


I hope everyone (including my very loyal group of followers) has a very happy and nice Valentine’s Day weekend.

I send this little note across the oceans to my favorite MPB’s, in no particular order–first translated into Portuguese then the normal American English translation follows:

Para Fabiana Passoni, Bianca Rossini, Marcela Mangabeira, Sabrina Malheiros, Marina Elali, e outros que eu olho para a frente a blogar sobre no futuro:

Meu amor de ouvir MPB música é igual. Eu gosto de muitos dos artistas, ainda que às vezes se sente como um concurso de popularidade para cada blog que eu postar.
No entanto, eu senti e ainda sinto, no fundo, que essas mulheres têm se transcendeu a ser grande no que fazem. Digo isto não só por causa de como eles são sinceros em seus sorrisos quando estão em photoshoots, mas nas mensagens que eles transmitem cada sobre o processo de gravação e seus significados por trás das músicas. Para mim, isso é muito especial.

Eu desejo a cada um dos artistas que eu gosto de ouvir um feliz Dia dos Namorados norte-americano, e sim – Eu não vou esquecer a versão brasileira vêm de junho.

Atenciosamente on-line,


To Fabiana Passoni, Bianca Rossini, Marcela Mangabeira, Sabrina Malheiros, Marina Elali, and others that I look forward to blogging about in the future:

My love of listening to MPB music is equal.  I enjoy many of the artists, although it sometimes feels like a popularity contest for each blog that I post.

However, I have felt and still feel deep down that these women have transcended themselves into being great at what they do.  I mention this not only because of how sincere they are in their smiles when they are on photoshoots, but in the messages that they each convey about the recording process and their meanings behind the songs.  To me, that is extra special.

I wish each of the artists that I enjoy listening a very happy American Valentine’s Day, and yes–I won’t forget about the Brazilian version come June.

Sincerely yours online,



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