Two-fer of Gal Costa prized albums worth your listening pleasure

The 1988 album Fantasia features plenty of toe tapping, get off your chair type of tunes.

From the opening track of “Canta Brasil” to Track 6, “Festa Do Interior” and the hyper fast Track 9, “Massa Real”.  Most of the tracks are very slow paced, especially on Track 7 where “Acai” combines some slight sensual rhythms.  And don’t let her cover posing from the chest upward don’t fool you.

But her 1990 album really got her back in the limelight north of the Equator:

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This album mostly mixes slow and fast tempos, but it is on Track 6 that fans can find one of her big hits originally penned by Cole Porter, with “Begin the Beguine.”  She also gives the lyrics in English on the final track, the Richard Rogers penned tune, “I Didn’t Know What Time It Was.”

Overall, some pretty decent albums definitely worth a listen to and both albums are available online.

Next week, look for a review on the one word title simply called Gal.

See you then.


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