We are down to 64 artists, MPB’s, and groups left in the Brazilian Fun Jazz Tournament

Just like in the NCAA’s with the ‘play-in’ games that took place in Dayton, Ohio…

the first group of entrants in this year’s fun Jazz Tournament have been decided.

Updating the brackets:

In the Emilio Santiago Region, it will be Basia matching up against Machan.

Meanwhile, in the Region Of Doom aka the Oscar Castro Neves Region,

your updated matchups include…

1. Gal Costa vs. 16. Nilson Matta

5. Liz Rosa vs. 12. Maria Rita

6. Halie Loren vs. 11. Les Hommes (sorry, George Michael fans–but I guess he was “Crying Like A Baby” just like Iowa was being outscored 14-1 in overtime to Tennessee).

Please scroll down to see the revised brackets and I will be back with another update on Monday with your Sweet 16 matchups.  Enjoy the rest of your week.

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