Huge Upsets During First Weekend of Fun Jazz Tournament

Just like powerhouse favorites in Duke, Syracuse, North Carolina, Kansas, Creighton, and Wichita State all going down before the Sweet 16 round–the likes of Frank Sinatra, Lani Hall from Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66 fame, Michael Franks, Marisa Monte, Marcos Valle, and the person I was profiling all month long in Gal Costa sadly have been eliminated (wonk, wonk).

Here are the revised matchups, hope to update again next Monday when we narrow the field down to four:

Emilio Santiago Region

1. Basia, barely broke a sweat just like Florida on Saturday

vs. 4. Al Jarreau, just like UCLA–will this be his year to truly shine?

11. Luciana Souza

vs. 10. Celia Vaz, just like Dayton and Stanford, tough one to pick here.

Patricia Talem Region–OH MY, what heavyweights in this region.

1. Sergio Mendes

vs. 4. Wanda Sa

3. Ivete Sangalo

vs. 7. Stan Getz, popular icons in Brazil past and present duke it out here.

Astrud Gilberto Region

1. Diana Krall, steady as she goes just like Arizona.

vs. 4. Ed Johnson, will Novo Tempo actually speed up the amps?

6. Marcio Montarroyos

vs. 2. Milton Nascimento

Oscar Castro Neves Region

8. Gisele de Santi

vs. 4. Fabiana Passoni, I hope and pray that this matchup does not get as ugly as Kentucky/Louisville when the two intrastate rivals square off again Friday night in Indianapolis.

7. Ze Bruno

vs. 2. Djavan.  Just like in 2013, the two remaining survivors in the first edition of this Brazilian Fun Jazz Tournament are still alive.


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