Artists Worth Checking Out: Bryan Lubeck provides nice ambient sounds with Tuskan Sky

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Nice Latin grooves mixed in with cool guitar rhythms, and it feels like you are instantly transformed to the Tuscan area of wine country in Spain.

With spring starting to gain a small (albeit brief) foothold in the northern United States, I thought this smooth jazz entry would be a good way to usher in spring.

Similar to Sabrina Malheiros having the perfect album to bring in summer and Les Hommes with people having nothing but spring break on their minds–Lubeck seems to do things in his own creative way.

Having toured with the likes of Euge Groove and Richard Eliott for many years, this album from Alley Recording Company of Valparaiso, Indiana belongs in the Brazilian jazz genre conveying in what he termed in the liner notes as simply, “romantic Spanish guitar and urban rhythms.”

Jim Peterik helped on the percussion, while standout smooth jazz artist from Illinois in Lisa McClowry helped on the writing of this album.

It all starts out with a steady, but not too slow beat on “All Summer Long.”  The next track, “Sydney’s Way” was dedicated to one of her daughters.  The title track follows on Track 3, then comes the very slow and methodical pace to “On Her Own” and a snail-like place with “On His Own”–until after the 30 second mark, when the pace picks up again.

Other songs worth a listen include the spooky church-like music on Track 6, “Gypsy Groove” and the steady beats on Track 8 with “Nothing Can Come Between Us.”  “Scarlett’s Story” closes out the instrumental portion of the album.

There is also a bonus track with the multi-talented jazz musician/writer/part-time artist of Lisa McClowry doing such a masterful job with a complex number as, “Raining Through The Trees” almost feels like trying to maneuver through the sometimes difficult mazes of forgiveness, redemption, mustering courage when facing difficult circumstances, and but the lyric of “light breaking through” does bring an audio version of a silver lining as, “the long winds breaking the clouds away.”

Nice music for the dinner table, but to me it sounds a lot like your favorite weekend weather meteorologists predicting rain and it misses your house by that much.  My best advice, simply take cover and make sure that Easter ham (and lamb for those who have it as part of your family tradition) is cooked properly and hopefully, the kids will be hopping along with their favorite Bunny chocolate treats.

Speaking of treats, I will have one virtual one for this coming week as the third installment of my “Movie Break” series will take center stage.

With this being the 50th anniversary, I thought it would be a fun movie to review with plenty of music and cool scenes throughout with one very simple premise that guys were trying to do, but few ever succeeded.  The movie will be, Get Yourself A College Girl.  And yes, there will be a key point that I will attempt to point out before the original “Girl from Ipanema” began to sing her all-time favorite classic tune.

Please don’t break out the shorts just yet, but it is refreshing not to wear multiple layers outside for a change.  See you next week.


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