Rising Stars: Gisele de Santi is a budding star in the making

Image courtesy of wp.clicrbs.com.br

Image courtesy of wp.clicrbs.com.br

Gisele de Santi is a singer/songwriter from São Paulo in the southern section of Brazil.  Her debut album called the attention of important critics like Juarez Fonseca and was a big hit not only in Brazil, but Japan as well.  Gisele was awarded in the “interpreter” and “revelation” categories in 2010 for the Açorianos (or Azorean) Award.  She is also an accomplished author, in partnership with Fabricio Gambogi of a hit single that burned up the airwaves both virtually and terestially with “Do Lado de Cá” (translated to “From This Side”), performed by the band Chimarruts.

The self-titled album that I chose this week is a perfect weekender album, where you can put up your feet, sip your favorite beverage of choice maybe after surviving a hectic day at your neighborhood shopping mall, and savoring the subtle rhythms of bass playing and guitars to go along with the soothing tones which are predominant throughout the album.

The first track mostly starts out very slow in “Chama-me” (perhaps paying small tribute to Debbie Harry of Blondie fame with “Call Me”).  The pace alternates on the next several tracks, but my favorite song has to be Track 6. “E Eu?” (translated to “How About Me?”) was also recorded by singer Negra Li in 2012.  Gisele’s picks up a few octaves here and there and yet, the pace is slow enough if you were to hear this song in your car, but not too hurried enough if you were having some type of dinner party–this is excellent entertaining or eating music.

A Bee Gees type of tempo begins on the first few seconds of Track 7, “Outono” before the pace slows down consierably on the final 3 tracks.  Gisele shares vocalist duties on Track 10, “Entenda” with Marcelo Delacroix.  This Formiga Records release also has all of the liner notes to every song in Portuguese.

With another album on the way titled “Vermelhos E Demais Matizes” (or simply translated to meaning, “Red and Other Hues”), Gisele de Santi is proving to be a rising star in the making.  And don’t let her fashion choices fool you, she looks adorable no matter what the backdrop calls to be.

Back again when the calendar shifts to the once merry month of May and more cool CD’s to be featured each week until when the World Cup kicks off in June.  See you then.


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