Just in time for Mother’s Day, Fabiana Passoni to release a very cool EP

Image courtesy of bnovamusic.com

Image courtesy of bnovamusic.com

It is called “Let Your Love Rise”, which will be released in early June.

Once the EP is released, it is my hope and wish to hopefully showcase one or two of the songs.  For the time being, here is my review.

By combining suave lyrics with catchy rhythms, Fabiana again is making a name for herself.  I managed to get a chance to hear the trio of songs online recently, and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the slower bossa take on the late James Brown megahit song, “I Feel Good.”  “Jazzman” gets a more upbeat treatment to round out this four-track playlist of songs.

After three full-length albums and with this EP on the way, this artist is destined for superstar status in my book.

And it all happened just in time for Mother’s Day.  I wish her and the other mothers in the MPB world a very Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday.


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