Master Composers: True Family Act With Alex Malheiros on The Wave


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Born in 1946, the father of outstanding MPB artist Sabrina and longtime member of the late 1980’s/early 1990’s group Azymuth has a track on this CD of the week.

From the very first notes on “Serenity” throughout the first eight tracks, you are instantly feeling like you were just invited to a small, but intimate gathering.  The ladies shake hands of some of the gentlemen that entered the room, while the guys look around to see where the drinks are.  This is great conversation or cooking type music at its’ best–just a decent medium pace, with only two songs going very slow on Tracks 9 and 10 before the four bonus rap entries with “The Wave” and “Uno Esta” getting remixed and redubbed several times over.

Even Sabrina herself got into the act on Track 4, “Sem Pressa” (translated into English simply means, “Leisurely.”

Yes, that is the same Sabrina Malheiros that I was so proud to profile this time one year ago as one of my all-time favorite Brazilian jazz albums when I think of summer:

But there was nothing leisurely about how this album was made.  Alex commented in the cardboard packed liner notes about the early days of Bossa Nova gave him a sense of pure direction in the making of this album.

This 2009 Far Out Recordings release gets high marks from me, and is available online.  Definitely file this in your collection right next to the Cafe Roma entries and some of the works from Red Hot and Rio.


Yes, it is so nice to be back in blogging on a regular basis after the heart-pounding drama and tense excitement that was the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  Any questions or lingering doubts about Rio pulling off all of the stops to make sure one of the world’s most popular sporting events went off without too many hitches should be saluted and congratulated.

I guess the locals must have taken my pre-World Cup message translated into Portuguese totally to heart, and that was great to see–especially each night on the images transferred by ESPN over Copacabana Beach.

Bottom line, to the people and the organizers throughout Rio:

Trabalho Bem Feito

Job Well Done.

Next week (barring the periodic summer storms), I hope to finally get back into normal posting mode of one blog per week–but with a slight change in the program:

Over the next two months, instead of having the usual Rising Stars or Artists Worth Checking Out banners…these albums are very special.  Not only in the sounds and the harmonies done by many outstanding artists from all over the globe–but these upcoming albums are mostly very difficult to find online.  However, with a little extra persistence and not paying too much for specific albums, I am proud to introduce a new category here on my Beautiful Bossa Nova and Cool Sambas blog.

The links you will be seeing in your email inbox will lead off with a simple header titled as, Rare Gems.

Leading off will be a guitarist who hails from Argentina and has teamed up in the last several years with the likes of Marcos Valle, Ivan Lins, the alte Emilio Santiago, Fatima Guedes, and Gal Costa.

His name is Victor Biglione, and I will profile his 1996 debut album “Maquette Brazil” to kick off the month of August.  Hope to see you then.


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