Rare Gems: Victor Biglione’s guitar brings many cool melodies


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Born in Buenos Aires, Victor’s solid use of the guitar has made him a household name.  The songs given on the album of the week feature a rather eclectic combination of rock and funk, to blues, fusions, and straight up bossa nova, and regular smooth jazz.

After a short 90 second entry about “Northeast Brazil”, there are plenty of songs that can make you appreciate the true beats and steady rhythms throughout.  Recorded inside Mega Studio in Rio where the brief liner notes loosely mention, “between 1993 and 1994”, he led the effort with Mingo Araujo on percussion (mainly heard on every track except 8 and 9), Ze Lourenco on keyboard (heard on every track except 6 and 11), and a crop of other musicians.

As for the songs themselves, the best ones on the album include the over 4 minute track called “Party at Salgueiro”, then the steel string guitar version on Track 6, “What are you doing the rest of your life”.  Mostly slower paced songs take over on the next four tracks before Mingo Araujo’s acoustic percussion and Nando Chagas’ electric percussion bring a nice 3 minute conclusions simply called, “Northeast Brazil II.”

The album is great for either lounging around or at a party, and this 1996 release deserves very good marks for the overall variety of sound heard throughout each song.  With a varied career spanning over three decades, Victor is definitely on his way if he isn’t already to taking his place as one of Brazil’s true Master Composers.

As for finding this album, it might be a bit hard to find–but if you look hard enough, you might be able to find a copy loose somewhere (hopefully at a reasonable price).

Next week as I continue this special two-month journey into Rare Gems, albums that are rare to find but cool listens nonetheless…

I will look at an artist where she is very popular in Japan, but luckily–I did not have to look too far to purchase the album.

Her name is Bruna Caram, and her 2006 album Essa Menina sprinkled with many B&W images of herself walking around without a care in the world will be profiled then.  Enjoy your weekend.


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