Rare Gems: Sounds of Watercolors a Neat Collection by Ronaldo Folegatti

The album cover (albeit not found online, sorry) has just the right tagline on the bottom for this 1990 Blue Orchid label originally released in Germany, but not released to American audiences until 1991 (re-released on CD in 2001):

“An enchanting blend of traditional and contemporary jazz with a distinctly Brazilian feel.”

Born April 30, 1958 in Rio–this was his first album.

Track 2 definitely has that very calm feel, a full six minutes worth on “The Color of The Watercolor.”  You then get taken away with the subtle notes from the saxophone of one Frank Ludecke, along with the steady percussion of Topo Gioia and Dudu Tucci (I am not kidding about the names).

Track 4 gets very fast with “Zanzam”, but the rest of the album plays to a mostly effervescent sound that says, “Shut off the noise, shut off the hectic things playing in my life, let’s kick off my shoes and just reeeeeeelaaxxxxxxxxxx.”

My other favorite songs definitely worth relaxing include Track 7, “Autumn Feelings” and Track 9 with, “A Winter Market”.  Lots of keyboard and synthesizer guitar action in both of those songs to make you think of the change of seasons (fully realizing that parts of Minnesota were already starting to see foliage due to parts of the Midwest dipping as low as 50 degrees at night, but rebounding a bit to feel a little summerlike near 80 during the afternoon hours).

Ronaldo did publish two more albums in 2000 but did not gain quite a following as his rookie effort did.

Next week, I hope you see to it that there will be truly one “Hi Note”.  And this album definitely felt like being on a virtual treasure chest of websites hoping to find the CD by Gerardo Frisina at a decent price.  Two and a half years later, it finally deserves an honest and exciting review.

That will be the upcoming Album of the Week as my Rare Gems series continues.


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