Rare Gems: Gerardo Frisina lays plenty on the line with Hi Note


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Gerardo Frisina’s career has seen him do producing in addition to experimenting with many different beats and rhythms.  This week’s entry is from 2003 and features a few really cool songs packed into nearly 62 minutes of bliss.

The pace starts out in moderate quick fashion on “Inviolatin”.  Plenty of drums and steady percussion dominate on the next track, “Joyas”.  Track 4 mostly gets into a scat version of Isaac Hayes’ classic tune from the movie Shaft on “Intenso”, while the pace varies on the next 3 tracks.

Track 8 almost sounds a bit like Les Hommes’ “The Mood is Modal”…nice vacation type song with “Ombroso.”  However, the best song in this set is on Track 10, “Sophisticated Samba”.  Plenty of horns and flutes in this steady yet cheerful selection.

And yes, this album might be very difficult to find.  But after a two year search, I was so thrilled to find this album online at a decent price during the spring.  Nice disk for either relaxing with your shoes off or just getting the party started.

There are no liner notes inside, since the disk is tucked neatly inside a double layered cardboard coating.

Next week (weather permitting), as finally the rain dominates most of the United States unlike it has rarely seen on most meteorologists’ screens…

I plan to review two albums (one currently found inside a simple cardboard setup) and the other is housed in a jewel case, complete with liner notes and some pics too!  One of these albums is the latest works that was just released this past Monday (August 18) by the famous daughter of Joao Gilberto and Miucha.

That’s right–to break up the string of Rare Gems, a new album review is due with Bebel Gilberto and her inspiring and fun album title simply called, “Tudo.”

Stay dry (unless you are in an area that is over 100 degrees, then try your best to stay cool), and I will hope to see you back here next week.

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