Rare Gems: Italian Secret Service brings plenty of the relaxation factor


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Even though there isn’t a lot of biographical information about the band, their name is not to be confused in any way with the 1968 Italian film by the same name.

Rather, the relaxing sounds provided by Leonardo Pieri on keyboard, and the triple threat combination of Dario Cecchini’s marvelous blending of flutes, bass clarinet, and of course, the familiar instruments of choice for a majority of smooth jazz artists all over the globe–that being the saxophone.

The pace is slow for about the first 5 to 6 minutes, then picks up with a pair of male and female voices singing in English on Track 2’s lengthy entry of over 6 minutes in length.

But it is the third track that made me look across the pond to some bookstore in Germany that had the disk during spring 2014.  Here is that song and the memorable beats that could help liven up any party or occasion, “Via Beato Angelico”:

An easy tropical feeling awashes over this album on Track 4 with, “Your Island”, while on Track 5, “Drummer Boy”–is exactly what it is.  Lots of drums, and in no way mocking that timeless Christmas carol.

The remaining tracks blend in just the right tones so they will accentuate the mood, rather than distract.  The pace quickens up once more on the final track, “Strange Days.”

The group would do two more albums every four years, in 2005 and again in 2009.

But it is their rookie effort that definitely merits looking for online.  Yes, this album was difficult to find at first–and it may still be the case going forward.

I give this Save Soul production my highest rating, a definite keeper.


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