Rare Gems: Nu Braz blends plenty of instruments to bring on a soulful sound

Image courtesy of musicline.de

Image courtesy of musicline.de

The area of Sao Paolo with the largest population of Italian people gave Brazilian jazz fans singer Emanuele Cucchi.  He began singing at age 5, and is still active on the club circuit today.

This week’s rare gem of the week was released in 2006.  It includes a trio of very popular Brazilian songs and two songs originally done by his mother.  Each song conveys a very cool beat and the rhythms blend themselves to some memorable selections:

  • Track 2, “Borboleta da Cicade”, (or “Butterfly City”).
  • Track 4, “Scherzi di Primavera”, (deals with a fast paced, springlike theme)
  • Track 5, the title track.
  • Track 9, “Aeromoca”, (or “Stewardess”)
  • Track 10, my favorite selection on this album “Menininha” (or “Little Girl”)
  • Track 11, “Donna”.

I found this album in all places, Greece.  I kid you not.

But regardless where you find this CD online, it is a worthy addition to your Brazilian jazz collection.

Speaking of worthy additions, I have been patiently waiting all year to do the next album.

It is a classic compilation and features not one, but two disks of early bossa nova hits!

I am sure the extra wait might be worth it, but I will try my best to get it posted before September ends.

And if you look hard enough–there might be a new artist silently lurking just around the corner.

More to come.


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