Rare Gems: Presenting The Greatest Classic Compilation Album Of All Time

Image courtesy of cdandlp.com

Image courtesy of cdandlp.com

Sure, there are plenty of superb compilation albums done by the early greats of Brazilian jazz:

Joao Gilberto, Astrud Gilberto, Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66, to name a few.

But none can match the breadth and true variety that the above album cover conveys.

Covering two disks and 36 songs, some are true classics done by several great artists:

Lucio Alves, Leny Andrade, Luiz Eca, Lennie Dale, Nara Leao, and Carlos Lyra–just to name a few.

But rather than me explain why it took me over two years to find this rarest of gems, in a bookstore somewhere in Germany during the summer of 2014–I will let some of the exquisite songs take over this week’s blog.

First up, after we hear horns a plenty on “Sofrer E Da Vida”, here is Dick Farney with Norma Bengel on “Voce”:

Next, here is a song I could play on infinite loop and never grow tired of listening to it.

It is that good.  Here is Luiz Eca with “Tristeza de Nos Dois”:

That is just on the first disk alone.

Moving on briefly to the second disk:

Lots of guitar on Track 4, with Sergio Ricardo leading the charge on “Folha de Papel”.

But the really neat songs start with Track 7, Sylvia Telles on the nice ballad, “Voce E Eu”:

And yes, no classic compilation album cannot leave out Sergio Mendes.

Here he is with arrangements by Tom Jobim on the rarely heard “Ela E Carioca”:

Finally, here is Elis (Regina) and Tom (Jobim) with “So Tinha De Ser Com Voce”:

There is even a combination medley on Track 12 done so masterfully by the Zimbo Trio.

And the 22 page booklet is all in Portuguese–bonus points will be given to anyone who can translate it successfully into American English.

Anyways, this concludes my 2014 look at Rare Gems.

I had so much fun covering these types of albums, that it will deserve at least another month sometime in 2015.

However, if you cannot wait that long, no problem.  Just kindly point your player or tap your finger on the new Apple iPhone 6 smartphone to Track 17 on Disk One.

The truest of Cariocas will have an entire month in spotlighting both her solo acts and her memorable duets.

Five great albums, five interesting weeks of that puzzling figure named Astrud Gilberto.

Please look for that and hopefully, more YouTube clips to savor during the entire month.

Enjoy the nice autumn weather, as long as it lasts and I hope you can make your own individual quest to find this true classic double CD set.  It is definitely worth every penny and gets my highest ranking.


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