Astrud teaming up with Stanley Turrentine proved to be a special, but too brief moment

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The liner notes inside the CD you see pictured this week from Didier C. Deutsch cover a broad range of emotions.

First, it was all happy.  Then, Astrud was not very happy about the selection of songs for what turned out to be the only CTI release back in 1971.  She walked out during the recording of the final regular track, a rendition of Burt Bacharach and Hal David’s “When There’s A Heartache (There Must Be A Heart).”

Rather than focus on the bleak, let us return to a few fun clips of Astrud singing.

Here is the March 19, 1971 recording of “Brazilian Tapestry”, all 5 minutes plus of it:

Stanley Turrentine lent his talent on tenor sax on that track, along with Tracks 5, 6, and 8–a few instrumental songs.

Next, longtime fans of the Carpenters might recognize this song, originally on the sountrack to the film Lovers and Other Strangers–this is “Solo el fin” (or “For All We Know”):

Here is Track 7, a short version of the Dedoato hit “Traveling Light”:

Finally, here is one of three bonus songs you can find on the 2003 Sony Music Entertainment release of this classic CD.  This is a simple motto we should all abide by every day and night, “Just Be You”:

Yes, the snow may not too be too far behind (yet), after the simply nasty winter of 2013-2014 will hopefully be nothing more than just a staggering statistic.

Anyways, you can also find the cute “Puppy Song” and “Polytechnical High” to close out the CD.

See you next week for more Astrud songs.


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