One of Astrud Gilberto’s final performances was something to treasure

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida was the place.  The year, 1986–shortly after the Shufflin’ Chicago Bears won their first (and still only) Super Bowl championship.

James Gavin penned some marvelous liner notes describing Astrud Gilberto’s rise to prominence in the United States (and almost subsequent unknown status in Brazil), plus what this album spawned after she made a memorable TV appearance in Germany.

After this, Astrud would record only two more albums in 1996 and 2001 before retiring from the music scene for good.

And so, with this blog and for the rest of the month, I have decided to let the clips from YouTube do most of the talking.

I am going to be focusing my blog energies on my other blog, as what hopefully will be a truly exciting season in men’s NCAA college basketball is just around the corner.  A few more cute CD reviews will return in November, along with one final Movie Break section–back to when the bossa nova craze got its’ start.

Yes, I have promised big changes for this blog.  It is still a work in progress.  Please have no worries, especially to my frequent MPB’s as loyal fans.  Your words and encouragement mean more to me now than ever before, and I honestly mean that.

Let us head into the weekend on a smooth note with a pair of cool songs from the above titled album, which can be found easily online under the Verve/Jazzclub-Polydar/Universal label.

First up is the fifth track on the CD, a Jobim classic titled “Moonrain”:

Finally, here is “Saci”, all 5 1/2 minutes of it:


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