Q&A: Sherie Julianne blends very nice melodies with cool rhythms

Image courtey of kenfrancklingjazznotes.blogspot.com

Image courtesy of kenfrancklingjazznotes.blogspot.com

Born in Miami, but is proud to call San Francisco her home these days, Sherie Julianne’s debut album is definitely sure to please.  By combining sensual bossa nova rhythms with contemporary jazz melodies, there are many great songs in which to choose from in adding to your Brazilian jazz library.

During October, I managed to send an email questionnaire to Sherri and she was kind enough to share with me some of her fondest musical memories and general thoughts about her favorite song on the album, plus a few other cool things.

1. Please connect the dots for me–growing up in Miami and now calling California home, trace some of your earliest inspirations and how you managed to follow Brazilian jazz in your childhood. In other words, how did it come to be for you? Also, any memories stick out with family or friends?

My father loves Jazz and Latin Music.  Growing up, our home was filled with jazz.  He started playing records as soon as he woke up so being surrounded by music (since it) is as natural as breathing (is).  He exposed us to Stan Getz, (Antonio Carlos) Jobim, etc. through his love of music.
My parents also took us to hear violinists, and I was exposed to classical music when I studied the violin.  My grandmother shared the opera with us.  I became exposed to Brazilian music through the Brazilian Music program at the California Jazz Conservatory in 2004.  I was studying Jazz and then met Marcos (Silva).  I took 2 classes every Friday for years with a fantastic group of musicians.  It is a performing arts program so we presented 4-5 songs live in a recital every quarter.  It was a magical time of delving deep into the music of Dori Caymmi, Edu Lobo, Milton Nascimento, Ivan Lins, etc.  I fell completely in love with Brazilian music and started studying privately with Marcos as well.  Slowly and methodically over the past decade, I built a repertoire.  It is an ongoing journey as we are always working on new material.

2. Any hobbies outside of singing and touring that you would like to share?

My main passion now is music, but outside of that I love to cook and read.

3. What is the story behind the cover of your CD? It looks really beautiful.

Image courtesy of chipboaz.com

Image courtesy of chipboaz.com

Bambi Cantrell the photographer is a gifted artist. She photographed me in a beautiful building in Benicia (a waterfront community located in Solano County,  California, in which Wikipedia mentioned on their city page that it was once the state capital for slightly over a year between 1853 to 1854.)

We walked through halls and gardens and the cover photo was taken in an old elevator. They had me swirling while light was shot through the fabric of the dress. I love that shot as it evokes the vibe I feel for Brazilian music.

4. What is your favorite song on the self-titled album? My favorite is your rendition of “The Look of Love”, one of my all-time favorite songs in jazz.

Thank you Matt! I love that song and I love how Marcos arranged it.  I think my favorite song is “Watch What Happens.”  I love the lyric.  It so beautifully expresses what can happen when someone truly and deeply loves you.  The confidence and ability to go into the world and stretch into new experiences comes from being totally accepted who you are.

Rather than showcase the usual YouTube clip, Sherie was kind enough to give me a link to her SoundCloud page.

Here is her singing a song on Track 3 of this 10 Degrees South label, a song simply titled “O Pato” (or translated meaning simply, “Duck”):


There is also the very first track on the album, “Bananeira” (or one of my favorite fruits, a banana) plus the song she mentioned in my online interview.

Special thanks to Sherie for being such a great sport and welcome in being my newest fan here on the blog.

Image courtesy of http://musicabrasileira.org

Image courtesy of musicabrasileira.org

Next week, I will hope to get the chance to take a virtual, spacey trip back in time when Star Trek was all the rage and plenty of groovy and soothing jazz melodies flowed in jazz clubs worldwide.  Look for an interview with Lori Carsillo next week about her recent release, plus a rather far-out take on some of her past works.


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  1. Sherie Julianne says :

    Thank you for this lovely interview! Matt is a true fan of Brazilian Music and his heart shows in his bossanova blog. It’s always so lovely to meet lovers of samba and bossa nova!! xoxo, Sherie Julianne

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