David Benoit was perfect choice to replace Vince Guaraldi on his own Remembering Christmas album

Image courtesy of musik-plus.com

Image courtesy of musik-plus.com

Born August 18, 1953, this multiple charting smooth jazz artist has burned up more than the charts since 1980.

In my humble opinion, he was the right choice to take the mantel from the late, great Vince Guaraldi Trio on the world famous 1965 CBS original TV production of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Yes, ladies–each note I hear from the opening track along with Track 4, and I briefly cried some happy tears.  And yes, paying tribute to Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Schroeder, Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang is no easy task:

Image courtesy of montalvoarts.org

Image courtesy of montalvoarts.org

As we all know, Christmas is a time to be joyous, time to be mirthful.

This 1996 compilation of holiday carols is sure to please, even with little known jazz artist Thom Rotella’s Spirit of The Carols album also a sure-fire hit around your appetizer trays and dinner tables.

A nearly five minute rendition on piano of “Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town” leads towards the opening song of that Peanuts special adored by billions of people each year around the world.  Michael Franks supplies the vocals, which of course can also be found on his own Remember Christmas album–just fyi.

Many holiday favorites are sprinkled throughout the remainder of the album, with a nice and sweet rendition of “Silent Night” on Track 9 and “The Christmas Song” to round out the album.  Most of the carols were performed with the likes of Pat Kelley on guitar, Brad Dutz on percussion, Ernest Tibbs on bass, and Gary Novak on drums.

Come Monday or Tuesday, I will post my final blog for 2014–figuring with this holiday falling on the fourth weekday during the fourth week of December.

And fittingly enough, the group I will profile has four members, a modern day Barber Shop Quartet type of a group simply called Art Four Sale.  Look for my brief review of their 2013 release titled, Four The Holidays.


As I close out…how about a small parody of a favorite Christmas jingle.

I am sure my loyal and dedicated fans here will appreciate the effort that I took in creating such a special online gem.  Get it, gem (hehehe)?

The song is called Jingle Beats, done to the lyrics of Jingle Bells

Jingle Beats

Jingle Beats

MPB’s all the way

Oh what fun to read your comments

Coming my virtual way, Hey!

Jingle Beats

Jingle Beats

MPB’s all the way

Oh what cool voices they have

Just remember to hit Play

A couple of years ago

I was taken aback

With Bianca Rossini’s smile

And Fabiana Passoni’s knack

They noticed something nice

About what I had to say

Monica and Lori would also find out

So they wouldn’t have to pay

Oh…repeat opening verse

With the Olympics coming soon

I hope they’re all practicing

So we have a memorable soundtrack

That NBC shouldn’t be mocking

The venues are too hot

The people there are very nice

But just like during the World Cup

Gold medals are not put on ice

Repeat opening verse


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