Compilation Pick: Twilight In Rio Sparkles

From the same group that brings out Brazilian Romance comes this breezy and refreshing compilation of 11 jazz favorites under the “Music That Makes the Moment” banner.

Charlie Byrd is featured on both the first track and the last track with “Triste” and “Favela”, respectively.  Inbetween, JoAnne Brackbeen does a bubbly take on the classic early spring tune, “Aguas de Marco” (or simply, “The Waters of March”).  Otherwise, artists like Karrin Allyson on Track 6 “Samba Saravah” and Trio Da Paz on Track 10 with “Aquaerela do Brasil”, this would be a nice album for entertaining with guests or to have on in the car after a long, relaxing day at the beach or shopping.  Overall, it is a very nice compilation album.

More compilations like this will be reviewed in this space at least once every month.  Another cool compilation will be posted shortly after the New Year’s holiday.


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