Artists Worth Checking Out: Marcio Montarroyos brings some nice melodies

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18 years before passing away due to lung cancer at the age of 58, this popular Brazilian trumpet player made some memorable tunes.

On this week’s CD review, I chose his seventh of eight albums largely because of one song.

The eighth track you often hear online in the first two minutes leads off with Scott Adams “Sounds of Brazil” two hour podcast each and every week.  The title of the song is, “Aquarela Do Brasil”, a nearly seven minute masterpiece–a great song to relax with your shoes off or to do some simple chores around the house.

The rest of the songs aren’t chopped liver, either.  My best bets for cool listening include the title track (Track 2), “Avila” on Track 5, and “Take Your Time” on Track 9.  A really nice mix of slow and fast paced songs.

Even the liner notes strike a delicate balance between the hectic pace that is New York and the laid-back lifestyle that is Lipstick City in Los Angeles.  This is definitely a must-have addition to your Brazilian jazz CD library, so pick up this Black Sun label when you get the chance to appreciate the really funky side of Brazilian jazz.

Small Note:  I did send an questionnaire via email to the lead vocalist of Talisman in Glaucia Nasser earlier this month.  I have not heard back from her, as of Saturday, January 18.  Bottom line, I plan to hopefully post that blog soon enough as I attempt to transcribe her Portuguese, so please bear with me once I get ready to post my first ever bi-lingual blog.

For now, enjoy the rest of your weekend and as Freddie Coleman often says in closing out his ESPN Radio broadcasts on most weeknights, “Remember to always keep cool.”


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