Master Composers: Husband and Wife Team of Minas Blends Many Romantic Themes In Their Music


As I typed this week’s blog, word came down that one of the greatest baseball players in the United States and one of Chicago’s true ambassadors for the sport who lived with the simple, positive saying of, “Let’s Play Two”–the Hall of Famer and the all-time Chicago home run king with 512 round trippers and simply known as Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks died on Friday night eight days short of his 84th birthday. 

Here is famous announcer Jack Brickhouse from WGN’s glory days long before they became a SuperStation describing early in the 1970 season home run numbers 498, 499, and 500.  Notice how unique he turned his wrists while waiting for the ball to arrive at home plate before being crushed out to the bleachers at the “Friendly Confines” aka Wrigley Field:

“You didn’t have to really carry on a conversation with him…He meant so much to the game of baseball”, said 1987 National League MVP Andre Dawson on ESPN Radio 1000 speaking late Friday night with Johnathan Hood on his Gamenight talk radio show.

I did not meet him in person after he retired, but I heard so many wonderful things about his time while as a player and later as a man who carried such a gentle heart–while at the same time providing an infectious love for his team.  All 19 seasons that he played from 1953 through 1971, his team never made the playoffs (the divisional format began in 1969).  But through it all, the good times and the bad, he always had a smile on his face and always greeted people by name.  He definitely made a difference in many people’s lives, and for that–we can all be forever grateful.

And so, with very heavy hearts for fans of America’s national pastime (albeit the weather is not conducive to play the game except indoors), I offer a two-fer of a different sort.


No doubt in my mind, if Ernie had the ability to listen to Brazilian jazz, this set of albums by a married couple from Philadelphia in Patricia King and Orlando Haddad would have been an awesome soundtrack for game day or any other meet-or-greet session with fans.

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The perfect romantic scenario:  Man meets woman in college, one is a master with instruments while the other sings lovely songs.

Enter Orlando Haddad and Patricia King, while they were both studying at the University of North Carolina–their story is well documented.  Just like a warm glove that fits the hand perfectly, their blending of Portuguese and English instruments and vocals is very pleasing both for the ears and the soul.

And after the first 55 seconds of their 1986 album, we used to hear portions of their title track called, “Dream of Brazil” to close out every weekly podcast on Scott Adams’ “The Sounds of Brazil.”  The other songs are really cool, but they continued to reinvent themselves with their 2009 album that you see highlighted with the cover above.

The lyrics inside to that title track summarize clearly why Brazilian jazz at its’ core can be both soothing and romantic when it can be–given the proper mood and circumstance.

Other nice songs to relax to on any night include Track 3 of “Temporal”, a very steady paced song while other romantic vibes can truly be felt on Track 5, “Ode To A Falling Leaf” and Track 7 could be paired with Stevie Wonder’s smooth jazz classic, “I Just Called To Say I Love You” as Patricia and Orlando sings around a pleasant piano background about Mother Nature and the change of seasons in “Seasons of Our Love.”  Even Orlando dedicated a song to her mother Rosa with Track 8’s entry of “Dona Flor.”

On the Minas Music website, they keep an extensive email list along with a hectic schedule around The City of Brotherly Love, aka “Cheesesteak Country” in and around Philadelphia.  They have been quite a duo, and just like Batman and Robin back in the day–one could safely notice what the other person would be doing without even noticing some of the time.

If you are lucky enough to catch a show with them, please tell me about it.

I am sure some fans would like to know.

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