Artist Worth Checking Out: Two-fer for All Lovers with Robin Lukas

Born as Robin Lukaszewski, Robin Lukas has taken Chicago and pretty much the rest of the jazz world by storm.

Just her first two tracks alone on her solo album (released in 2007) should send hearts aflutter with the classic standard, “Taking A Chance on Love” and the Brazilian bossa nova classic, “Mas Que Nada.”  The pace of both songs is simply spectacular.

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The pace picks up considerably on Track 4, “Colibri”.  A nice tribute to Hall & Oates is included on Track 9 with “Sara Smile”.  Finally, another cool Brazilian hit from years back, “La Vie En Rose” closes out her solo album, her second of three to date.

The next year, she released the album Beyond Paradigm’s Edge.

By combining Rick Vitek’s drums and a lot of strings and keyboards, Robin definitely “Got It Right” and in more ways than one.

The next song is also perfect for all lovers, her version of Smile simply called “Robin’s Song.”  Not a rushed pace, but a decent pace as if you were hosting a dinner party with your lover.  Barbara Pool did the lyrics and originally set this song to music, beautifully done.

The lyrics alone to that song is worth the price of the CD, that is–if you can find it.

I struggled, big time struggled to find her CD’s.

Amazon kept saying throughout most of 2013 and 2014 that it was “currently unavailable…we’re not sure if it will ever be on stock.”  Finally, a breakthough occurred shortly after Christmas, and both CD’s were reasonably priced.

Back to the rest of the album…

The pace and rhytms continue to stay hot like a burning fireplace to keep your lover cozy on these very chilly (that’s the Midwest) and the very snowy nights (I really feel sorry for those people in and around Boston and upper New England).  Track 4 with “Slow Down” is definitely on any smooth/Brazilian jazz lover’s playlist, right up there with Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66’s timeless classic, “Like A Lover” and Diana Krall’s suave ballad “The Look of Love” from her 2001 self-titled album.

The rest of the songs are at a lively, get up and go pace.

I guess sometimes we need to shake thing up a bit, and that’s OK.

Speaking of shaking things up, my all-time smooth jazz artist in Diana Krall finally had her 11th album released on February 3.  She did her take on classic and light rock songs from growing up in Vancouver, Canada.

Look for that review in my next blog.  Just like VH1 used to do, “2 For Tuesday”, I have my own version which hopefully will become a blog staple for years to come–“2 Romantic Jazz Albums Reviews in Big Z’s Blog Just In Time For Valentine’s Day”.

Virtual hugs and kisses to all of my loyal blog fans and other readers, MUAH:).


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