Happy Birthday, Fabiana Passoni

I thought I would take a bit of time away from my other blog and salute one of my all-time favorite artists in the genre of Brazilian jazz.

If I had to describe Fabiana Passoni in a few words, they would be…

  • Kind
  • Honest
  • Outgoing
  • Fun
  • Amazing

Instead of me sending the usual cute and sappy e-card with all of the animated bells and whistles, I would like to say as one of your greatest online fans…

I wish you another year of great health, joy for coming up with some great music for us fans to enjoy.  Most importantly, I hope you have continued happiness in everything that you do–from your exercises to gardening and taking the time to help others in need.

Hope your Birthday is a great one!

Image courtesy of rightentertainment.net

Image courtesy of rightentertainment.net

Your dedicated Brazilian jazz fan always,



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